Nelson Single Practice Sales

“I was at an impasse. The business I’d spent my entire career building was not being recognized for its full potential. Nelson & Associates stepped in and, despite multiple setbacks, the whole team continued to work hard and fight on my behalf. As a result, I was able to sell my business for substantially more than I was originally offered, and I am very pleased with the outcome.”  

~ Henry Muller, DVM

As you consider selling your veterinary practice, it’s important to have an experienced broker help you navigate the process.

Is now the right time to sell the practice you’ve worked so hard to grow? Many factors affect timing, market value and efficient closing. Our experience and industry insight can ensure you don’t miss the right window of opportunity.

Because every veterinarian and every practice is unique, we’ll take the time to evaluate your assets, structure contracts properly, minimize your financial requirements and maximize your tax benefits.

You may also consider our unique Multi-Seller Platform® option to achieve maximum financial benefit using the leverage of a pool of practices.

What happens to your practice when you’re ready to retire? Let’s discuss exit options.