Nelson & Associates Story

Nelson & Associates was created to fill a need in the veterinary field. As a young life insurance broker, Mike Nelson encountered many young physicians who looked to him for advice when purchasing their first practices.

Dedicating himself to helping them, Mike learned all he could about the process, completing transactions and developing a reputation for honesty, integrity and attention to detail. As more veterinarians referred their colleagues to Mike for veterinary practice transaction help, he developed a passion for and extensive expertise in helping those who care for our beloved animals.

Nelson & Associates is a boutique business brokerage firm with unparalleled knowledge, exclusively serving the veterinary market since 1976. Our longevity is due to understanding that each client’s goals are unique and achievable with meticulous research, hard work, and dedicated partnership. Because we know firsthand the process of operating a veterinary business, we can help sellers and buyers avoid pitfalls and best take advantage of lucrative opportunities. You can count on our team to take great care of you.

As the veterinary market is constantly changing, from both medical and business perspectives, Nelson & Associates stays current through constant research, regular communication with industry stakeholders and veterinarians, and tracking market trends.

We continually get referrals to new clients because we have successfully met the objectives of past clients, making them more money than they originally expected with great professionalism and care for their practice and their team. Our greatest compliment is to work with veterinarians at different points in their career because they know Nelson & Associates will provide outstanding results with which they will be truly satisfied at the conclusion of a sale or purchase. We are proven, capable and will be here for you now and in the future.

Do you know how to protect your employees’ jobs during a practice transition? Let’s talk.