Whether you want to

Establish an exit strategy for retirement…

Sell your veterinary practice to realize maximum value…

Acquire a veterinary practice to propel your career forward…

We have the experience, tools and knowledge to represent your interests and achieve superior outcomes at the closing table. We can advise:

  • If timing is right based on the marketplace and financial indicators
  • Specific actions to take for increasing future market value
  • If a higher selling price can be achieved by participating in our
    Multi-Seller Platform
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Nelson & Associates has been working with veterinarians since 1976, honestly and accurately evaluating their practices to ensure that clients receive top market value for their life’s work. We stand apart from other business brokerages because of our expertise and our policies.

We focus exclusively on veterinary practices, having firsthand knowledge of the unique challenges and joys of acquiring, managing and selling them. We know how to customize transaction elements to meet the objectives of our clients, whether they involve health insurance premiums, vacation time, warranties or work schedules.

We are only compensated for the successful sale of our clients’ business assets, not their real estate. Additionally, our compensation is dependent on our clients’ satisfaction. We take no fees in advance of closing; there is no financial risk to you to talk with us about your needs and goals.

TOP speaking with a corporate buyer and contact us ASAP. Our proprietary
Multi-Seller Platform can secure more money for you and your veterinary practice.